Carey Ann Hays

Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 Website

Art ToursAs director of the Hwy 62 Art Tours, and acting Communications Director of the event’s supporting organization, the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, I developed a Joomla-based CMS website for the event based off the organization’s existing website that I also managed. While the site design was completely different from the MBCAC website, the back end was essentially the same.

In 2013 (and starting with the previous year’s 2012 Art Tours), I helped develop a system to let artists could reigster for the event online, for the first time in the event’s 12-year history.

Also for the first time, the Hwy 62 Art Tours website offered a front page slideshow, all the submitted photos and biographical information on all the participating artists, an interactive online map of studio locations, and up-to-the-minute news and event announcements.

Click Here to see the archived Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 website.

Created June-October 2013

Process: Photoshop for graphics; Joomla content management system for website.

Output: CMS (content management system) website

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