CMC Student Art Show at Hi-Desert Nature Museum

Pioneertown Corrals Website

Pi-town_CorralsThis website was a ground-up reworking of an outdated HTML website for Pioneertown Corrals. The newly revised site was built in HTML 5 and CSS to allow for easier editing, while keeping the weathered wood theme of the old site design.

This simple site features 8 pages including a JotForm hosted reservations form, weather bug,  and Flash driven photo gallery.

Click here to see the old website for comparison, and click here to see my upgraded design at

Created February, 2015

Process: HTML 5 and CSS driven website built using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop
Output: Internet – website currently live at

Pioneertown Corrals

SSPNJ = Scrapbook, Sketchbook, Photo album, Notebook & Journal

sspnj-box-cover-smallerMy Art class required that we keep an art journal containing all our notes, art projects, and photos. Our instructor referred to this journal as a SSPNJ (pronounced like “sponge”). This was an acronym for Scrapbook, Sketchbook, Photo Album, Notebook, and Journal.

A large portion of our grade in this class was dependent not just on the journal, but also on the creative presentation of it. As a graphic designer (sometimes synonymous with the word “artist,” depending on who you ask), I decided to create a product box for my journal, playing on the word “sponge” to make it look like a cleaning product.

I used Adobe Illustrator for this project, and created all the elements (the sponge, the soap bubbles, etc.) from scratch. The retro lady clip art was scanned from a collection of 1950’s Multi-Ad Services clip art, inherited from my early days in newspaper layout.

The final artwork was adhered to a large piece of cardboard, then trimmed, scored and folded. I attached three binder rings to hold my journal materials, then affixed a piece of velcro to hold the folding closure in place.

Photos below show the construction of the printed artwork into the finished binder / box.

Completed December, 2014

Process: Adobe Illustrator CC
Output: Printed, Constructed into folding notebook

CMC Student Art Show at Glass Outhouse Gallery

Exhibiting the following original photohgraphs in the Copper Mountain College Student Art Show, November 1 – 30, 2014 at the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery in Wonder Valley (east of Twentynine Palms), CA.

Prints are available for sale during the exhibit.

Radio Free Joshua Tree Website & E-News

I developed this WordPress site for Radio Free Joshua Tree, which was looking to move away from its static HTML website, and into something where news and events content could be dynamically updated.  I also helped develop the non-profit organization’s monthly e-newsletter, utilizing the Mail Chimp email service.

Radio Free Joshua Tree is a 24/7 online streaming radio station.

Radio Free Joshua Tree Website

RFJT E-newsRadio Free Joshua Tree E-News

photoshop certificate

I earned my certification in Adobe Photoshop from Copper Mountain College in May, 2014. This is a state-level recognition, not quite as prestigious as the ACE certification from Adobe.

Simple Flash Animation Project

I created this simple animation in Adobe Flash for a class final project.
For this project, I created the design and animation only; the graphic elements are royalty-free images, though each was modified to fit the project. The link at the end does work, if you’d like to buy me a cup of coffee. 🙂Created May, 2014

Process: Adobe Flash
Output: Digital

Basic Portfolio Website with Photoshop

Screenshot 2014-08-03 21.59.29

I designed this very basic portfolio website for a final project in my Advanced Photoshop class. The site is built in simple HTML using Photoshop only. If you watch closely, the photos fade in from black & white to color.

Click on the photo above, or here to see it.

Created May, 2014

Process: Adobe Photoshop

Output: HTML Website


In this project for my Adobe Illustrator class, I created a vector character illustration (right) from a photograph (left). This surfer alien figurine, from a 25¢ gumball machine, has sat on top of my computer monitor for years.

Created December 2013

Process: Adobe Illustrator

Output: Digital file

Alejandro Escovedo 2013

From Alejandro Escovedo at Pappy & Harriets. Posted by Carey Ann Hays on 11/06/2013 (9 items)

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Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 Catalog

While I was director of the 12th annual Hwy 62 Art Tours, I put my layout and design skills to work for the event, and I created the event catalog myself, rather than hire out the job.

The 2013 front and back covers featured the works of acclaimed artist Snake Jagger, who was participating in his first Hwy 62 Art Tours.

I designed and composed the interior of the catalog, composed a handful of the sponsor ads and all the Art Tours event ads, cropped and optimized photos from the 120+ participating artists, and plotted the updated studio locations on the maps used in prior years, but using a new color coding system I developed to make the participating studios easier to find.

The catalog was printed locally, on heavy coated paper stock with a semi-gloss cover. Over 12,000 copies were distributed throughout the hi- and low-deserts of the Morongo Basin and Coachella Valley.

Click Here to view the Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 Catalog online flipbook
– or –
Click Here to download the Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 Catalog PDF.

Created September, 2013
Process: Catalog layout in Adobe InDesign; maps layout in Adobe Illustrator.  Also published online and on mobile app.

Output: Full color printed catalog; printing provided by Hi-Desert Publishing Company

Back Cover Artwork by Snake Jagger

Front Cover Artwork by Snake Jagger

Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 Website

Art ToursAs director of the Hwy 62 Art Tours, and acting Communications Director of the event’s supporting organization, the Morongo Basin Cultural Arts Council, I developed a Joomla-based CMS website for the event based off the organization’s existing website that I also managed. While the site design was completely different from the MBCAC website, the back end was essentially the same.

In 2013 (and starting with the previous year’s 2012 Art Tours), I helped develop a system to let artists could reigster for the event online, for the first time in the event’s 12-year history.

Also for the first time, the Hwy 62 Art Tours website offered a front page slideshow, all the submitted photos and biographical information on all the participating artists, an interactive online map of studio locations, and up-to-the-minute news and event announcements.

Click Here to see the archived Hwy 62 Art Tours 2013 website.

Created June-October 2013

Process: Photoshop for graphics; Joomla content management system for website.

Output: CMS (content management system) website