Carey Ann Hays

CD Covers

CD Covers Wrecked Mixes 2010

My 2010 mixed CD was the second of two mixes I’d made of nothing but cover songs. These were always fun to make. I titled this one, “You Can Judge A Band By Its Cover.” I used stock photos for the front and back, and had great fun adding the type and effects to make it look like part of the book. For “Wanderlust Vol. 5,” I used my own photos for the front and back covers.

CD Covers Wrecked Mixes 2009

For the 2009 CD mix covers, I used stock photo art for the “Glam-R-Us” mix of glam rock tunes , and for “Wanderlust Vol. 4” I created another collage — this time using vintage postcards – for the “Wanderlust Vol. 4” mix. All the postcards included on this cover are from cities or places mentioned in the songs included on the mix.

CD Covers Wrecked Mixes 2008

I invested the most time in the 2008 mix cover, but had the most fun with it. My hometown of Muncie was known as Middletown, the focus of an ongoing series of studies since the 1920’s that showed Muncie as the economic and social barometer for the rest of the country.