Carey Ann Hays

Ineo Web Solutions Promotional Project

ineo-brochure_1INEO, Inc. was our family owned web company, located in downtown Muncie, Indiana.

We hosted and managed around 30 websites, ranging from static html pages for local mom-and-pop businesses, to high-traffic forums and medical sites, to community non-profit content management systems and email list servers.

INEO as a corporation ceased operations when we moved out of state at the end of 2010, though we still freelance in web design and development, managing a much smaller number of steady clients.

I designed all promotional materials for the company (except for the logo, designed by our web client Greg Zirkle, of Fox Marketing).


Download the INEO informational brochure in PDF format.
Download the INEO client “one-sheet”

Created September, 2008

Process: Adobe Photoshop (business cards) and InDesign (one-sheet and brochure). Website created with basic HTML, with re-directs to our reseller’s back-end.

Business Cards – Full color digital on Kromecote high gloss card stock
One-sheet and Press Release – Full color digital on plain 20# white paper
Brochure – 6 pages full color digital, 5.5″ x 8.5″ (finished size) on 80# glossy paper,  folded and staple-stitched.

Business Card
Ineo_LaunchPRNew Business Press Release Ineo_onesheetInternet One-sheet –
basic info for prospective clients

ineo-pcardsINEO Promotional Business Cards –
printed and given to new clients to help promote their new websites.

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